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Alfa tut

You will need photoshop for this tutorial
With Paint Shop Pro you can make a 2 colour Alfa channel, that I am aware of you cannot make a grayscale channel
If you like to use PSP I recommend checking out this tut here

First we start of with a 24 bit image
To make up a 24 bit image, it takes 3 colour "channels", each are classed as 8bit's
red, green and blue channels (8+8+8=24)
Each channel allows 256 colours

With kingpin and TGA textures, we are allowed a 4th channel, the Alfa channel
its a grayscale, that's anywhere from black to white

In game, the black areas are not drawn (seethro/clear)
Since the 4th chanel (grayscale) is 256 colours its allows us to make transparent looking tga's also :)

You may be lost by now so lets start editing
HERE is the texture we will be using in tutorial (its from a texture pack GIMP released)

if you cannot see the channels window in photoshop go to Window-->Show Channels (shortcut hold alt, then press W then H)

You can see the three channels, red green and blue. The RGB is what final picture looks like when saved
we want another channel, Alfa

To make a channel you will need to make a selection to define the black and white colour areas
use the magic wand first, make tolerance 1 and deselect the CONTIGUOUS

Note: holding mouse on a tool (with little arrow on bottom right) will give more tools of a similar nature

After that you may need to clean up selection a little, use the selection tools as necessary
Hold shift to add selection, and alt to subtract the selection

I prefer to make the selection background black, cause around edges of Alfa channels in game sometimes showthro, if background was blue you would have a blue haze/ring effect around edges of new texture in game
Hit the default colours on tool panel, then select the paint bucket, with paintbucket selected deselct the CONTIGUOUS check box and set tolerence to 255

click mouse anywere in selection
now textureis right, we use selection to create our Alfa channel, but its selected inversely, so we need to inverse selection (shortcut shift+ctrl+i)
now go to Select-->Save selection

a dialog box will appear, you don't need to do anything to it, its will have options if an selection exists in any open texture in photoshop.

You should now have 4 channels

That's editing done, now save as 32 bit in your kingpin/main/textures/newstuff folder

Load up kpradiant, load your custome texture directory , and select your new texture

Note: if you want to load only 1 texture, goto preferences and select 'Enable Texture Subset Load', then when you load a texture directory you will get a dialog box that you can enter texture name, or just first letter etc

Apply your texture to given brush, while brush is selected open the surface inspector (shortcut key S) window and tick the 'alpha' surface flag

Compile mp and go have a look
There is a problem with alfa textures not lighting properly, or at all in kingpin
There is 1 way i know to get light showing up, but do NOT abuse it everwere, try to darken texture in most cases
Make a func_wall, in the entitie inspector(shortcut N) select the Surfce2_alfa flag on the func wall (spawnflags 32), and make sure the surface inspector(shortcut S) flag 'alfa' is DESELECTED

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