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KPQ3 stuff

This is now outdated with the release of beta1


===== making kingpinq3 maps =====
because kpq3 its not released yet, you will need a simular engine to test your maps before the beta
what you need

package1 setup
this is everyhting combined, xreal and kpq3_edd, cant go wrong (thanks Hogie)
extract to a path of your choice, best not to use spaces.

once extracted. goto the kpq3Edit install path and run eiter the bat or the netrad_kpq3\radiant.exe
eg.. c:\games\kpq3Edit\netrad_kpq3\radiant.exe
eg.. c:\kpQ3edit\--== NetRadiant run ==--.bat

select game kingpinq3
once loaded, hit P and set the 'path' to where you installed xreal. eg.. c:\games\kpq3Edit\
restart radaint.

package setup 2
get xreal alpha build XreaL_PreAlpha_20080704.7z  379mb
get the netradiant package for kpq3  66mb
open the xreal zip file, extract, somewhere like c:\games\
open the kpq3 zip. extract it to c:\games\XreaL_PreAlpha_20080704

once extracted. goto the xreal install path and run eiter the bat or the netrad_kpq3\radiant.exe
eg.. c:\games\XreaL_PreAlpha_20080704\netrad_kpq3\radiant.exe
eg.. c:\XreaL_PreAlpha_20080704\--== NetRadiant run ==--.bat

select game kingpinq3
once loaded, hit P and set the 'path' to where you installed xreal. eg.. c:\games\XreaL_PreAlpha_20080704
restart radaint.

== compiling and testing a map
in radiant menu, file>open. select map test_teamitems
in radiant menu, build>bsp__fastVis(-light)
map file will build. then it will auto load the xreal game engine after map has compiled.


===== converting maps =====

open radiant, select game 'kingpin'.
once loaded, hit P and set the 'path' to you kingpin1 install folder. eg.. c:\program files\kingpin\
restart radiant

open an old KP1 map, go to menu build>bsp>'special' convert q3 maps to doom3 maps

in your kingpin>main>maps should be your

in windows explorer, move map to xreal/basekpq3/maps
you can now close radiant, re'open radiant and set game back to kingpinq3
your map should now open in the new map format.


== notes

if you want to see all you old kp textures. it might be an idea to make a new pk3 file of your kingpin1

you can not directly 'load' textures in radiant without a shader, but you are able to see them in editor and in game

i added default KP textures (without shaders).
they will not be used for the official release. it is best to use find/replace and get all of them

its best to make shaders for all your new textures. bump and spec are not always needed but should be made
remember to include your new into basekpq3/materials/shaderlist.txt for compiler to find and use them

all shaders require a qer_editor image for kmap2

dont spend to long doing light on your maps, kpq3 uses a newer version of the compiler.
kpq3 it using both precomputed lights(q3 lightmap) and realtime lights(doom3). in xreal you can only see one or the other.

if making an addon map with custom textures. its best to make the texture folder match the name of the map. or atleast your alias.
eg.. basekpq3/textures/yournewmap/

== lights
use low surface light values in all models/shaders.
use spotlights with cone 180 for directional light fixtures.
see sample map.

when using standard lights, the light value for the light is the total of the 3 radius values.
raltime light use a shader and the light color to set its intensity(not light_radius)
if no light_radius key is set it defaults to 300 300 300. if there is a 'light' key instead. it will use that

standard lights are Q3 falloff. if spawnflags=1 then linear falloff lights like kp1 will be used.
when spawnflags 1, fade will work. then use low ligt values and add ~0.25 to make light fo furhter
there are ambient light options in worldspawn, but keep them low. they don't highlight bumpmap/specmap effects

realtime lights(no radiosity=1) have light volumes. they should not be protruding through to the next room, this will affect vis
change the light_radius to cover the area you want light, set shader, then change its light_center to match where light is coming from

== replacing textures
hit T to bring up the texture window.

in the texture window menu >view>show all, so you can see all textures.
in the texture window menu >tools>find/replace.
select Find: so curser is active. select a kp1 texture in the texture window, it name should apear in find/replace dialog box.
select Replace: so curser is active. find a good texture in the texture browser, select it and hit apply in the find/replace dialog box.

== shaders (detailed info here)

a shader is a few lines of text classed as a script that kpq3 uses to change the final image ingame
the lines of text are stored it a text file thats located inside basekpq3/materials
a shader file can contain many shader scripts.
a shader scripts has 2 main areas of concern, its fake name(alias) and the script linking to the real files

to start off. make a new text document and rename it to

open the new mtr file with notepad and create a texture name alias
eg... textures/yourMapName/brick_01_test (can be any name, it does not need to be real)

next part will be the script, combining all the reall image.

diffusemap     textures/yourMapName/brick_01_d.png
bumpmap       textures/yourMapName/brick_01_n.png
specularmap  textures/yourMapName/brick_01_s.png

included in this, you need to tell the compiler and radiant what texture to use, thats where qer_editorimage comes in
so just copy your diffusemap texture file name.
add some of these {  } brackets so the script part is inside them and then your done.

finaly, this is the end result of the new shader script

qer_editor image    textures/yourMapName/brick_01_d.png
diffusemap         textures/yourMapName/brick_01_d.png
bumpmap          textures/yourMapName/brick_01_n.png
specularmap      textures/yourMapName/brick_01_s.png


if you want to get some more info on what else you can do in the script. check this out

diffusemap is just a standard image eg.. bricks

bumpmaps are a complex image file that will 'bend' the the way the light reflects off the surface. giving it depth from hilights and shadows.
to get bumpmaps you can use a bumpmap program that convertes the diffusemap.
such as pixPlant, CrazyBump, nDo2, nvidia plugin for photoshop etc..

specularmap is basicly a greyscale image that can be made in any image program.
if its white, the surface shines. if its black. the surfece will not shine.
bricks should be more black, metal should be more white

inside radiant texture window, you will notice all the textures have white borders around them, thats because thay have a shader assigned to that name.
if you are loading a kingpin1 map, the old tga files will load without a shader, and you will be able to see the difference. the border is green and no white around it.
so anyhting without the white border needs either a shader writen for it, or the texture should be replaced with a new shader

to edit shaders. i recomend you use Notepad++ i only use the minimalist package.
also i made this to suit kpq3's mtr shader language.

To use it. open notepad++. goto menu>language> define your language
click the 'Import' button. search for the file you saved, notepad++_mtr_settings_for_kpq3.xml
close the dialog box, now try load a shader file and see the difference.


==hogies definition..

kpq3 uses a powerful scripting language that can add advanced effects to an image within a level. The commands are contained within a txt file with the extension .mtr. With a shader script you can define a texture as "metal", "wood", "transparent" or have it contain many other advanced properties or effects.
Even if you are only using a plain texture for your level with no special properties at all, the engine will still need a shader script for your texture. Each texture used will have 2 additional image files associated with it, a bump map and a specular map. A shader script file must be written for all images within the level linking the images together.
a shader file can contain many shader scripts.
a shader scripts has 2 main areas of concern, its fake name and the script linking to the real files4 darkmod textures!0RYXECiC!Yu1T3rPGCO4j2UlPmSpw56wgR14VcQBMEt9JKYqgNro darkmod textures



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