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Before you read this I have a new qe4 file that will work in every installed directory for kingpin

Just extract the file to your KPRAD dir.
all you need to do is make sure preferences (p) are targeted to kingpin.exe
then load project from File menu. (below for refrence)

It seems people are having a lot of problems compiling with kpradiant menu's
To the best of my knowledge I will help ease those head aches

First we need to find kingpin.qe4 You will find it on installed directory \kingpin\kprad (e.g. d:\games\kingpin\kprad/kingpin.qe4). Now open it with notepad

This is the original kingpin.qe4, its on the CD if u ever stuff your own.
All the lines with // will be removed by editor once kpradiant has been open
If you were lucky enough to install kingpin in the default directory then all u need to fix is the RSHCMD path
eg. "rshcmd" "c:\Progra~1\kingpin\kprad\"

For the rest of us who haven't instaled kp in default directory, you have got some more edditing to do

The highlighted parts are what need to be edited.

By default the "rshcmd" is "" quoted out.
When you load up kpradiant it sets the last used path to ~\kingpin\kprad, windows stores this in directory cache
So when you go to compile and you just loaded up kpradiant the path kpradiant compiles .exe's in is kingpin\kprad
If you happen to have load last map on open turned off then you will need to load a previous map to compile,
thus settings the last used directory as \kingpin\main\maps. This is why people need to put compile.exe's into maps folder
If you set "rshcmd" it will define the directory that DOS needs to find compile .exe's (e.g. d:\games\kingpin\kprad)

Also note all maps must be saved in \kingpin\main\maps to compile (unless you are making a mod and want to set map path's("mapspath" "remotebasepath" "basepath") etc, accordingly)

All DOS command's need to b 8 characters thus the progra~1, ALL editor commands can be normal names (e.g. texturepath, autosave)
This is not a tut on how to use DOS so if you cant work out the file name u may need to find a DOS tut :).

Once you have completed editing the kingpin.qe4 you can now save it, save as would be a good option to keep the original on hard drive

Now that it is renamed and saved you will need to tell kpradiant that you have a new project for it to load. It will be were you have saved it in notepad, preferably in \kingpin\kprad


I have made some kingpin.qe4 files to download for people that are having problems editing there's
I also added some commonly used path's

Path used file
c:\program files\kingpin kingpin.qe4
c:\kingpin c-king.qe4
d:\games\kingpin d-games-king.qe4
d:\kingpin d-king.qe4
c:\games\kingpin c-games-king.qe4

With all these charecters, paths added correctly you should stop geting the commen errors like
Cant find map
colourmap not found
Bad command/file name
No rightclick in editor for entities
Having to close Raident before compiling a new map

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