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KPQ3 stuff

creating map models for kpq3.
kpq3 suports ase, md3, obj, 3ds and lwo

when using models, you need to consider how they will get changed ingame.
you will see unexpected edges from vertex splits.
this is the way the model format is and you have to work with it.
when baking normal maps the low poly normals need to match ingame.
it is required you learn this or it will spoil the ingame model with unexpeced seams..

md3 for example, it wil automaticly split the model into elements where ever there is a uv island (a texture seam).
regardless of what smothgroup and vertex count you had on original model. it will split the vertex at that edge.

Exporting ASE

there are 2 main options to export an ase. with or without vertex normals.
if you have no vertex normals in your exported file, kmap will generate them.
usualy by joining all vertex that share the same xyz and smoothgroup then calculate a vertex normal.
to stop it joining the vertex you can either set smothgroups or spit the vertex by creating an element for the face.

when you export with vertex normals in your ase, it will look the best but requires you set smothgroups and split the vertex togher.
steps to create a good model in 3ds
reset xform (in utilites)
collaps stack to an editable poly.
in vertex select mode, selct all vertex then weld.
in polly select mode, selct whole model.
set smothgroups 'auto smooth' to an angle you are happy with (or set them manualy if u need to)
in smothgroup. hit 'select by SG'
select SG 1. ONLY. hit ok
in 'Edit Geometry' hit 'Detatch' -> 'Detatch To Element', hit ok.
use 'select by SG' again, select SG 2. ONLY.
repeate untill all smothgroups are an element

now you can export your model.
there are also scripts you can use to break model into elements, like this. from cgsocity

kmap2.exe will now auto smoth only ase models that have no vertex normals.
md3 is now set to use model normals. auto smothing is disabled.
ref PicoFixSurfaceNormals(surface)

for those testing there model in Xreal, ET, Unvanquished etc.. may see some models different ingame.


Exporting MD3.

if you have a new version of 3dsmax you may need to use another program to export them, like milkshape, gmax, Noesis etc..
milkshape has a plugin for 3ds max to export MS3D
Gmax has a md3 addon that allows MD3 suport
if you want to use Noesis, export an fbx from max, setting are as follows.
-Smothing Groups
-Split per-vertex Normals
-Z-up axis
open your FBX file in Noesis, right click model->export. setting are as follows.
-output type MD3
-No Animations






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